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KidneyDoc was launched as an online focal point for colleagues and patients who may wish to use our services. Most of us are now "connected" and able to access information about our services and about renal disease and it's management available online.

What's more, you can use this website to submit your questions about renal problems to me and I'll endeavour to answer them as quickly as possible. At this point I have to limit questions to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Questions from patients must be directed through their doctors.

Even your referral letters can now be submitted online from the site! Feel free to make use of this facility - it's easy to use, it's faster and it's cheaper than mailing or faxing a letter.

Note that March 12 2009 is World Kidney Day! Visit the official website and lend your support! The theme this year is "Amazing kidneys - are your kidneys OK?".

The World's Biggest Walk is an exiting awareness program to highlight the need for organ donation. It is anticipated that on exactly noon (Greenwich time) , at different places in the world , a 5 km walk will be done. See the website www.worldsbiggestwalk.org for more information. The Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa will also organize local walks.

Please use this site and give us feedback. We will expand and improve the site based on feedback received and thereby make it a useful and interesting resource for all of you.

Dr Julian Jacobs

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