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Peritoneal dialysis utilizes the peritoneal membrane to act as a dialysis membrane due to the rich blood supply and large surface area that it covers in the abdominal cavity.

By instilling a dialysate solution containing glucose and solutes through a Tenckhoff catheter into the abdominal cavity, excess fluid and waste products can be removed through the processes of diffusion and osmosis. This process is repeated every 4-6 hours after the fluid is changed by means of a sterile Twin bag system.

Continous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) is more effective in the patient with some residual renal function and gives you constant dialysis, 24hrs of the day.

Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) makes use of a cycler - a machine that performs the fluid exchanges. Dialysis is done at home, at night while you are asleep, with the APD machine automatically measuring the amount of fluid, timing of the exchanges and draining of the solution. This is an ideal therapy for those in regular employment, scholars and those needing a carer to help them perform the dialysis.

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