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After completeing his MBChB degree at Stellenbosch University in 1984, Julian specialized in Internal Medicine, getting his FCP(SA) in 1990 and his MMed(Int) at Stellenbosch in 1991. He did his Nephrology training at the Tygerberg Hospital Renal Unit from 1991 - 1994 and is now registered with the Health Professions Council as a Nephrologist (MP 0209343). He entered private practice as a Physician and Nephrologist in 1994. Julian is also currently the chairman of the Cape Kidney Association.

The supply of a comprehensive, high quality, cost-effective service to the patient with renal disease is our goal. Our immediate drainage area is the Northern Areas of Cape Town but many of our patients are from the greater Cape Town area or even further afield.

While our base is the N1 City Dialysis Unit we manage patients at the Panorama, Kuilsriver and Parklands Hospitals as well.

The Dialysis Unit was opened in 1995 and offers a full range of dialysis services. It is conveniently located just off the N1 highway and adjacent to the popular N1 City Shopping Mall. Accomodation for tourists or relatives of patients is available at several reasonably priced hotels in the area. Click here for a road map to help you get to the N1 City Hospital.

Secretary: Liza Nothnagel
Office Manager: Helette O'Connell
Haemodialysis Unit Manager: Sr. Frances Jacobs
Peritoneal dialysis: Sfn. Lorraine Hendricks

Suite 206, N1 City Hospital

Tel: (021) 5954040
Fax: (021) 5953126
Page: 011.7808621

Postal Address
PO Box 19148
N1-City Hemodialysis Unit
Tel/Fax: (021) 5904016

N1 City Hospital
Tel: (021) 5904444

Ward E: (021) 5904222 Emergency Unit:
(021) 5954111
ICU: (021) 5904285
Xrays: (021) 5951370

National Renal Care
Tel: (011) 7265206
Website: http://www.nrc.co.za

Panorama Kidney & Dialysis Centre
Panorama Medical Centre, Panorama
Tel: (021) 9110072

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